William Onyeabor - Who Is William Onyeabor? LP

(Luaka Bop, 2013)


Who is William Onyeabor??? It’s a good question. David Byrne’s (Talking Heads) world-hopping Luaka Bop label was the first to offer a suitable answer with this collection, released as part of their World Psychedelic Classics series back in 2013.

Verifiable information about William Onyeabor is difficult to come by. He was a self-made man from a poor Nigerian family - a businessman, a high-chief, a filmmaker, and of course a producer and musician. After a prolific music career spanning 1977-1985, Onyeabor became a reclusive born-again Christian and refused to speak about his music for decades. What we do know for sure is that William Onyeabor was a genius who seamlessly blended funk, disco, psychedelic and pop music in a way that few others were doing in the late 70’s. Who Is William Onyeabor? is the perfect introduction to his short, but highly fruitful music career.