White Fence - Cyclops Reap LP

(Castle Face, 2013)


"The initial plan for Cyclops Reap was to compile the scraps that didn't quite make the last four White Fence LPs. Apparently, Tim Presley has about 40 unreleased songs lying around, which, considering his backlog and work ethic, makes sense. Since 2010, he's released four solo LPs, one collaborative album with Ty Segall, a live cassette, and a handful of singles. And that doesn't even cover his tenure in other bands. His albums are all nearly overcrowded by sonic ideas and psychedelic twists. Even one of his simpler songs, the acoustic track "Balance Yr Heart" off Family Perfume Vol. 1, gives the impression that he spliced together two different-but-similar songs that were floating in his head. In just three years, he's managed to poise himself as a prolific artist in a town that runneth over with prolific artists (Segall, Sonny Smith, Thee Oh Sees mastermind and Castle Face head John Dwyer).

While gathering up old stuff for Cyclops Reap, Presley's prolific instincts kicked in: "there were more coming. a better crop," he wrote in a press release. He wrote more songs, recorded them to the four-track in his bedroom, and scrapped the compilation altogether. The album ends up being a testament to what Presley has learned in terms of home recording: It's his best-sounding and most easily accessible album to date. It still comes packed with less-than-pristine production and some of the psychedelic tics that marked his previous work, but for the most part, these songs are marked by a surprising amount of clarity." Evan Minsker for Pitchfork