Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse LP

(In The Red Recordings, 2012)


"Slaughterhouse was unleashed in the summer of 2012, striking terror into the hearts of listeners from the opening throes of “Death” and subsisting through the droning anarchism of the ten-minute closer, “Fuzz War.” What Segall dubbed his “evil, evil space rock” album felt more like a Hadean secretion torching Earth’s crust and blazing everything in its path—Fun House LPs included. We’re reminded how raw garage rock can be with every “puh” Segall enunciates reverberating through his microphone, while the album’s irreverence to classic punk is amplified by his sneering “bye byes” on “Wave Goodbye” and the apathetic introduction of Beefheart’s “Diddy Wah Diddy” to a hard rock lexicon aggressive enough to soundtrack a Grand Theft Auto (famously: “fuck this fucking song!”). The additional bonus track included with the reissue, “Swag,” adds a stellar exclamation point to the record, capable of blending in anywhere on the tracklist or serving as a quick-burning encore following the ten minute denouement of feedback warfare.

Revisiting the album five years later in anticipation of its reissue, it occurred to me that these aren’t just some of the best tracks of Segall’s career, but also some of the most iconic cuts from a bygone era of garage punk. As “Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart” comes to a screeching halt to make way for the ominous bass and shrieking guitar intro of “Wave Goodbye,” I recall listening to Speaking in Tongues in its entirety for the first time a few years ago, surprised to hear all my favorite Talking Heads songs I grew up listening to individually playing back to back with little unfamiliar intermission. Likewise, over time each track on Slaughterhouse has solidified as an invaluable component of Segall’s oeuvre, which bind themselves seamlessly together as a cohesive, jarring experience." - Mike LeSuer for Post Trash