The Stone Roses - S/T LP

(Silvertone Recordings, 1989 - Modern Classics Recordings, 2015)


“An album’s greatness can be measured by the number of generations it influences, and The Stone Roses‘ debut has enjoyed multiple resurgences since its release. The most prominent was during Britpop, a cultural movement that wouldn’t have existed without the poppy and positive sound of the Roses-led baggy scene that came before it. It would have had different figureheads, too, as the Gallagher brothers and Damon Albarn have all credited The Stone Roses with igniting their interest in music. But ‘The Stone Roses’ lives on more broadly, too. Any band that’s ever decided – consciously or otherwise – to fuse rock and dance music is cribbing from the work the Roses did in the late ’80s. Squire, Reni and Mani are all maestros on their instruments and made a then-daring collision of genres seem effortless.” - Tom Howard for NME