The Limiñanas - (I've Got) Trouble In Mind: Singles & Rare Stuff 2009-2014 LP

(Trouble In Mind Records, 2014)


The Limiñanas are a married couple currently living in Perpignan, France, with most of their catalog on Chicago labels (Hozac and Trouble In Mind Records), and a list of influences that spans the globe. Think The Velvet Underground but with more effortless “cool,” because they’re French.

(I’ve Got) Trouble In Mind is a collection of out-of-print singles and compilation tracks that plays like an album. Taking a batch of seemingly unrelated songs and having it come off as a cohesive whole isn’t easy. With the way that The Limiñanas blend French ye-ye, detached Gainsbourg-ian cool, spaghetti western vibes, and the aforementioned VU’s 70s New York edge into a sound that is eminently tight and compelling, it’s also no surprise that they manage to pull it off so easily.