The Flying Burrito Bros. - The Gilded Palace of Sin LP


“Fresh out of leading the Byrds away from psychedelica into country rock, [Gram] Parsons and fellow ex-Byrd, Chris Hillman, teamed up to mine another record out of the same vein. On The Gilded Palace we get to see the beginnings of Parson’s Cosmic American Music, especially in the soul covers of “Do Right Woman” and “Dark End of the Street”, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the record isn’t as good. And it is pretty good… if country rock is your thing. Hillman and Parsons make a decent writing team (no Lennon/McCartney or Richards/Jagger by any means, but still not bad), and it shows throughout the record, whether it’s countryfied honky tonk, pop noodling, or crooning balladry.” - Jason Mendelsohn for Pop Matters