Sleep - Dopesmoker LP

(Tee Pee Records, 2003 - Southern Lord, 2012)


It’s in the title… Dopesmoker is exactly what you might think, an epic paean to metal and marijuana. Developed live and on the road by the band after the release of their stoner rock bellwether, Sleep’s Holy Mountain, and subsequent tours with Cathedral and Hawkwind, Dopesmoker (alternately known as “Jerusalem”) is THE stoner rock/metal album.

Clocking in over 63 minutes, the album is meant to be listened to as one continuous track. Considering the heavy use of repetition over the running time, it is truly remarkable that Dopesmoker remains interesting throughout. The band’s consummate musicianship, along with their fervent obsessions with psychotropic drug use, Middle Eastern culture, and of course, their worship at the altar of metal, makes for one of the most ambitious and captivating metal releases ever.