Annapolis, Maryland

f you missed our recent Paric offering, Flor de la Frontera is another chance to taste just how exciting Peruvian microlots can be! 

Due to its proximity to the Peru/Ecuador border, producer Edison Valle Rojas named his Amazonas-based farm “Flor de la Frontera”, translating to “Flower of the Border”. Tasting of raspberry, tropical fruit, and sweet chocolate, it’s easy to appreciate the beauty in this colorful coffee!

Sr. Rojas’ high elevation farm bring out the best in two of our favorite Arabica cultivars: Typica and Caturra. Starting with freshly-picked, sweet coffee berries, this Dry Fermentation Washed lot was carefully pulped, then aggressively dried for 18-24 hours in the open air, which brings about a stunning tropical fruit character in the cup.