Palace Music - Viva Last Blues LP

(Drag City/Palace Records, 1995)


β€œThe influence of Appalachian folk music is tremendously manifest in Viva Last Blues, Will Oldham's third album under the Palace moniker. But rather than simply copping the rustic mystique of early American music, he chose to recreate it on his own terms. Combining stark acoustic numbers with Neil Young-style rockers, Oldham managed to expand his sound significantly without sacrificing the character and intimacy of his early offerings. Producer Steve Albini leaves every instrument crisp and distinct, allowing Oldham's songs to shine through with no intrusive atmospherics. And as with all of Oldham's most compelling work, the songs on Viva Last Blues are absolutely timeless, utilizing an oft-antiquated vocabulary but never sounding like the product of any specific time or place.” - Matt LeMay for Pitchfork