Betty Davis - S/T LP

(Just Sunshine Records, 1973 - Light In The Attic Records, 2007)

Betty Davis was married to Miles for a short time, but their relationship dissolved, with Miles purportedly claiming Betty was “too wild” for him. Perhaps she was, but it was likely in all the best ways. Betty’s career fizzled out in the 70’s, but not until after she recorded with Miles, Wayne Shorter, Billy Cox, and The Pointer Sisters (who sang BACK UP for Betty), among countless others.

Betty’s self-titled debut, is one of the fiercest and funkiest recordings ever put to wax. It’s not that surprising that she was unable to maintain a career in the music industry. She was way too ahead of her time. Maybe now, 40-some years later, we can handle Betty Davis in all her “nasty” glory.