Omni - Deluxe LP

(Trouble In Mind, 2016)


"The Atlanta band’s first album Deluxe sounds familiar without sounding too much like any other specific band. Omni pulls from some obvious forebears—Television, the fellow Georgians in Pylon, the Feelies—to craft something that’s instantly recognizable as Omni. It’s lo-fi without being murky or even all that noisy—every instrument and vocal line comes through clearly, with only the rare cymbal crash washing everything out. The guitar is crisp and precise, cutting from complicated melodic lines to spiky chords on songs like “Wire” and “78,” and the bass regularly stakes out distinct melodic turf that consistently complements the guitar. They’re not quite on the level of the Minutemen when it comes to starkly differentiating the three corners of a power trio, but all three players are crucial and on the same tier, building instantly memorable pop songs through complex and rigorous instrumentation. With its urgency and its kaleidoscopic approach to melody, where it sounds like shards of different songs are carefully reassembled into a new cohesive whole..." - Garrett Martin for Paste Magazine