Green - S/T LP

(Ganggreen Records, 1986 - Lion Productions, 2014)



"This album should've made these guys stars. But, like a lot of bands, they had the misfortune of making excellent music before the general public caught on, oh, about 1991-ish, to what had been going on for a long time. This hidden gem is even less well known than the Buzzcock's, or the Replacements' masterpieces. Few people outside of Chicago, (and few enough of those), have heard it.

If songs like the Undertones' 'Teenage Kicks', the Raspberries' 'Go All the Way', the Replacements' 'I Will Dare', or the Buzzcocks' 'What Do I Get' are the kind of thing that does it for you, in short, if you like your power-pop with a good dollop of teenage angst, then you're probably gonna dig this record." - some guy on Discogs