Neil Young - Tonight's The Night LP


Tonight’s The Night is the last installment in Neil Young’s latter-dubbed Ditch Trilogy that includes Time Fades Away and On The Beach. The album opens with the haunting title track, written about Bruce Berry, a roadie for CSNY who OD’d on heroin. This homage captures the essence of the entire album and Neil’s fragile state of mind in the years following the death of Danny Whitten, lead guitarist and spiritual force behind Crazy Horse, Neil’s backing band.

Neil’s guilt and despair are palpable throughout. Many of the songs were recorded on the first take, purposely leaving out the sheen of meticulously produced recording. It is raw, ragged, and powerful music.

"I probably feel this album more than anything else I've ever done," said Neil Young in Rolling Stone (August 14, 1975). Tonight’s The Night is the kind of album that could change your life.