Gitwe Natural, Burundi

(Huckleberry Roasters - Denver, Colorado)

Our second offering this year from our friends at Huckleberry Roasters is a naturally processed Bourbon coffee from the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi. The folks at Huckleberry have been working directly with the Gitwe Hill Smallholders in the Muramvya province of Burundi for the past four years. Last year's offering included both the washed and naturally processed coffees from Gitwe Hill and Huckleberry decided to purchase even more of the natural this year. This coffee is a fruit bomb with banging notes of strawberry, grape, and honey. 

The Gitwe Natural is the first "natural" or "dry processed" coffee that we've featured on the retail shelves at the Llama. Dry processing contrasts with fully washed coffees and sometimes brings out tremendous fruit notes. A more traditional method of processing coffee cherries to remove the fruit from the coffee bean, natural processing is often used in coffee growing regions that lack potable water for washing coffee cherries in fermentation tanks. Instead the coffees are often laid out to dry in the sun on large patios or on raised beds and periodically turned over to prevent over-fermentation in the fruit.