Ne-Hi - Offers LP

(Grand Jury Music, 2017)


"Selectivity is the calling card of Chicago’s NE-HI. On the band’s self-titled 2014 debut, which was recorded in one of the many city basements that grew them, they never showed their full hand. Four of its nine tracks were a single hook of eight or nine words and almost nothing else. Jason Balla’s guitar lines featured plenty of space between each note, and they honk, nasal and blaring, as if their garage indie rock was designed with the express purpose of forcing their way through to the back of an overcrowded basement. The band learned quickly that their overflowing energy is best spent when pouring more into less, and not vice versa.

Offers is NE-HI’s second album and first on Grand Jury Music, and it reintroduces the band as one who plays above-ground. Coming off of multiple tours where they regularly played on proper stages for the first time, NE-HI built these songs accordingly: They sound twice as developed. The co-frontman platoon of Mikey Wells, the more verse-chorus-minded songwriter, and Balla, who on stage assumes the form of a rubber band in flight, dial up the energy between the two. Their ballooning sound is a close approximation of the NE-HI live show*—the band's best foot forward—*and captures the breath of the band up close like being inches away from their mics in a moldy basement." - Steven Arroyo for Pitchfork