MF Doom - MM..Food LP

(Rhymesayers, 2004)


"'There are different topics besides murdering everybody. That seems to be the in thing-- how many people you can murder on a record. So I'm bringing it back to the old, bragging about how nice you are with the words.' Doom said this on NPR in 2003, but the sentiment holds true for his 1999 comeback solo full-length Operation: Doomsday. Like other rap heavyweights at the time, Doom promised world domination, but with tongue firmly in cheek, making tall boasts only to undermine them with nerdy self-deprecation and high-falutant science-fiction soap-ops. Doom 'came to destroy rap' because rap had betrayed itself: Operation: Doomsday was the story of-- and vehicle for-- his return-to-roots revenge.

'Operation Doomsday complete,' we're told in the opening sound collage of Mm..Food?. As an official follow-up to Operation: DoomsdayMm..Food? is an attempt to make good on Doom's almost fascist conceit to restore rap's golden age despite its loss of innocence. While Doom doesn't drop strictly food-related rhymes, the album's subject matter is always commonplace: friends, sucka MCs, girls, weed, and hip-hop. Post Doomsday, MF Doom as MF Doom has no interest in the space-laser rapocalypse of King Geedorah's Take Me To Your Leader or the dysfunctional gangster whim of Madvillain's Madvillainy. Here Doom wants nothing more than to score some Clever Points with quirky one-liners over tight beats." - Nick Sylvester for Pitchfork