Link Wray - S/T LP

(Polydor, 1971 - Future Days Recordings, 2017) 


If this album cover looks familiar it's because our record buyer, Adam has it tattooed on his left arm... so yeah, we're pretty into Link Wray's self-titled "comeback" album from 1971. You won't hear any of Link's guitar god standards like "Rumble" or "Jack The Ripper" here, but what you will hear is soulful country rock that puts anything The Rolling Stones could have made in their cushy French chateau to shame. What The Stones were trying to do on Exile, Link did in a homespun studio made inside a literal chicken shack on his family farm in Maryland. Oh yeah, AND he did it with ONE LUNG and a single guitar amp...

This album is a stone cold classic, and it's finally been lovingly reissued by our friends at Light In The Attic Records. If you dig music with real undeniable soul, this is an absolutely essential purchase! If you like it as much as we do, check out Link's other records from the 70's, including Be What You Want To and Beans & Fatback (which we ALSO sell... wink, wink)!