The Latinaires - Camel Walk LP

(Fania Records, 1968)

"Killer Latin soul! This record is one of the hardest to find from the late 60's boogaloo era, and it's a massive stormer filled with tasty grooves! The band is small and tight, with a 2-sax frontline, for an extra-soulful sound. Vocals are in English and Spanish, and the album wails away like a siren out of control. Things kick off with the organ-heavy instrumental, 'Camel Walk' – then they leap into one of the catchiest vocal numbers ever from Fania, the tasty 'Afro-Shingaling' – which starts with Ray Ramirez shouting 'I just come from Africa – and I learned to do the Shing-a-ling!' Other nice ones include 'Chevere', 'Guajira', and 'Creation' – but the whole thing's great!" - Spychedelic Sally blog