Lagniappe Sessions Vol. 1 - V/A LP

(Light In The Attic Records, 2016)


Take a few minutes to talk music with the Purple Llama staff and chances are we’ll bring the conversation around to Aquarium Drunkard at some point, probably pretty early in the conversation. We’re big fans of the music blog that Justin Gage started back in 2005 to share music with his friends. Within the first year, AD had found a worldwide audience. It has now grown to be one of the most well-respected music websites around.

In 2011 Gage began inviting some of his favorite bands into the studio to record laid-back covers of their favorite songs. The Lagniappe Sessions have become a treasure trove of one-off brilliance from some of the best voices in modern American music, honoring some of the finest musical heroes of the past century… and Sheryl Crow.