Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - The Kid LP

(Western Vinyl, 2017)


‘Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s songs have teemed with the rhythms of the natural world since her 2012 debut, and never have they been as widely celebrated as on last year’s breakout EARS and the Suzanne Ciani collaboration Sunergy. Her sixth full-length, The Kid, reaches a career high as the synthesist and composer ponders her existence, tracing the life cycle through four distinct stages. From the primordial chatter of opener “I Am A Thought” to the bittersweet departure of “To Feel Your Best,” The Kid’s stunning arrangements are as playful as they are emotionally complex, with Smith deepening her sonic experimentation while also crafting some of her poppiest songs to date. The album’s third act in particular holds its boldest statements, focusing on a time in life when you’re finally confident enough in yourself to start giving back to the world. But The Kidis truly an album to experience beginning to end, one with a knack for making you feel—as Smith sings on “An Intention”—“everything at the same time.”’ - Kelsey J. Waite for The A.V. Club