Hoops - Routines LP

(Fat Possum, 2017)

"We are lucky to live in an era where great dream-pop revival artists are abundant, but Bloomington, Indiana's Hoops immediately stands out from the crowded field with their absolutely terrific and addictive debut full-length album. Started as a recording project in Drew Auscherman's teenage bedroom, this is their first release (after three cassettes and an EP) to be recorded at least partly in a professional studio (namely Rear House and with ace engineering by Woods' Jarvis Taveniere). Each member sings and writes, but collectively their vocals and melodies will remind listeners most of first hearing Wild Nothing's early singles, their first album Gemini or DIIV's 2012 debut Oshin. Every song here will have you wanting to play it again, but early single "Rules" is a particular standout, its looping riff liable to get stuck in your head for days on end. "Management" is another standout here, but every track is worthwhile, bursting with joy, hooks, and memorable moments on seemingly every occasion.

Elsewhere, one hears the influence of late '80s Fleetwood Mac (seemingly ubiquitous in today's indie scene). Therefore, even though those aforementioned DIIV and Wild Nothing albums are like Hoops' Rosetta Stone, they don't limit themselves to mere mimicry. Simply put, this is the best dream/jangle-pop debut since the aforementioned Oshin and an absolute must for fans of this genre." - Matthew Berlyant for Under The Radar