Funkadelic - Maggot Brain LP

(Westbound Records, 1971 - 4 Men With Beards, 2008)



“Maggot Brain” was supposedly the nickname of Funkadelic’s legendary original guitar player, Eddie Hazel. It’s fitting that the album would be named after Hazel as his mind-melting guitar solo on the opening/title track is probably the most iconic moment on the album. However, it’s not just Hazel’s incredible guitar playing that make Maggot Brain so memorable. The album also finds George Clinton’s whacked-out psychedelic vision in full bloom. Every player is at their best as the most appropriately named band in the world blends funk, gospel, soul, psychedelic rock, goofy free jazz freakouts, and even musique concréte, into one of the strongest revolutionary statements of the 1970s.