Frank Zappa - Over-Nite Sensation LP

(Discreet, 1973 - Zappa Records, 2013)



“After controversially disbanding the original Mothers in 1969, and then being attacked on a London stage two years later, a wheelchair-bound Zappa had spent the better part of 1972 composing instrumental, orchestral and big-band music for what became known as ‘The Grand Wazoo.’

So it wasn’t until the sessions for ‘Over-nite Sensation’ began, in March 1973, that an almost fully recovered Zappa started behaving like his old self again, revealing itself in the album’s updated interpretation of the old Mothers aesthetic — even though only multi-instrumentalist Ian Underwood remained from the ’60s lineup. Alongside his wife and percussionist Ruth, keyboardist-vocalist George Duke and a new generation of supporting musicians, Underwood was unknowingly serving Zappa’s vision for defining the sound that would carry him through much of the ’70s.

That sound pushed Zappa’s formidable guitar playing to the fore, along with his increasingly graphic sexual comedy (in contrast to the politicized lyrics of the ’60s), while his typically adventurous, genre-crossing creations were performed by professionally trained, sight-reading musicians capable of executing whatever Zappa threw at them with the utmost ensemble precision (something the original Mothers could never do to their leader’s satisfaction).” - Eduardo Rivadavia for Ultimate Classic Rock