The Best Of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock LP

(Enjoy The Ride Records, 2017)

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"My devotion to the work of Jim Henson goes beyond lengthy dissections of Henson’s greatest successes and most fascinating failures and into spaces like my record collection, which still includes the first piece of vinyl I ever spent a significant amount of time with: The Muppet Show’s 1977 spin-off album. Until recently, that collection was sorely lacking in material from the most effervescently musical of Muppet projects, so thank the Trash Heap for Enjoy The Ride Records, whose Enjoy The Toons imprint is responsible for a gorgeous vinyl reissue of The Best Of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock. Culling 24 tracks from the series’ 96-episode run, The Best Of restores the musical legacy of the Fraggles, Doozers, and Gorgs, like the call to adventure “Follow Me” and the shuffling sharing anthem “Pass It On.” (And, of course, the track list kicks off with the thumping bass and sizzling hi-hats of the show’s theme song.) I managed to snag one of the limited “Red Fraggle” variants (Red being the Adams household’s consensus choice for best Fraggle), but the packaging would be worth it even without those splatters of red and yellow, thanks to a gatefold sleeve that shows off the concept art from Fraggle Rock designer Michael K. Frith. It’s a great set" Erik Adam for The A.V. Club