Flying Saucer Attack - Further LP

(Domino, 1994 - Drag City, 2016)


“[Dave] Pearce may have called the first [Flying Saucer Attack] album ‘rural psychedelia’, but that term was far better suited to flying saucer attack’s second album, Further. Here, Pearce goes widescreen – after ‘Rainstorm Blues’ opens the album in a pensive hush and ‘In The Light Of Time’ and ‘Come And Close My Eyes’ play out like Nick Drake drifting through Manuel Göttsching’s garden, Further becomes deeply elemental. The following ‘For Silence’ and ‘To The Shore’ are torrential, while ‘Here Am I’ offers a dark alchemy. For many, Further is the pinnacle of the ‘first phase’ of flying saucer attack, an observation that Pearce seems to agree with, though in an interview from 2000 he acknowledges that it’s “a difficult album, because it reminds me of a very grim time”. It’s certainly desolate, at times suffocatingly so,  but its emotional trajectory allows for plenty of glimpses of light, not least in the reverie of the closing ‘She Is The Daylight’, which sends the listener out on waves of joy.” - Jon Dale for Fact Magazine