Exploded View - Summer Came Early 12" EP

(Sacred Bones Records, 2016)



"A live-wire energy and pointed politics made Exploded View’s self-titled debut one of our 2016 Albums Of The Year. Its follow-up, the four-song EP Summer Came Early, feels like both an extension of that record and a step forward, with the four-piece tightening its improvisations while retaining the chaotic tension so palpable on Exploded View. The new EP emphasizes the psych elements of the group’s distinct dub-punk discord, traveling through a sun-dazed epitaph (“Summer Came Early”), trippy baroque percolation (“Forever Free”), and manic pursuit (“Mirror Of The Madman”) before jamming the compulsively repeatable “You Got A Problem Son” into the horizon. True to form, Annika Henderson’s vocals are as captivating as her lyrics are sharp. These are songs to daydream, freak out, or paint protest posters to." - Kelsey J. Waite for The AV Club