Erasmo Carlos - Carlos, Erasmo LP

(Philips, 1971 - Light In The Attic, 2016)


"After saying a formal goodbye to the teenage glory of the Javem Guarda with the bracing 1970 album Erasmo Carlos & Os Tremendoes, the artist strove to break more new ground the following year with Carlos, Erasmo...

This program is easily his most provocative recording to date. Half of it comprises original material co-written with Roberto Carlos; the rest is by the hottest writers on the scene, including Vitor Martins, Taiguara, Marcos and Paulo Sérgio Valle, and Jorge Ben. Veloso, too, sent Carlos a new tune entitled "De Noite Na Cama," which wed fuzzy electric guitars, berimbau, and squawking cuíca in a rock-cum-samba beat. Liminha's sweet waltz "Masculino, Feminino" is delivered as a duet with O Bando's Marisa Fossa, its melody deeply influenced by Neil Young.

Carlos, Erasmo... is crazy but kaleidoscopic and complex, the fully mature work of a pop visionary who was not only influenced by tropicalia, but, even late, added significantly to its creative reach. Like its predecessor, the album confounded listeners and was a commercial flop. In the 21st century, it's regarded as a Brazilian rock classic. Even more, it may be Carlos' masterpiece." - Thom Jurek for AllMusic