Earth - Primitive & Deadly LP


“Ever since guitarist Dylan Carlson revived his drone-metal project as a full band in 2005, its output has worked strictly within self-imposed limitations: precise, economical guitar phrases played at a crawling pace, underpinned by the commendably reserved drumming of Adrienne Davis and sparingly fleshed out with the textures of Carlson's fancy.

From the La Monte Young/Slayer symbiosis of Earth's first incarnation through to the ambient Americana of Hex and the opiate psych-crawl of The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull, Carlson has remained adept at reinvigorating his musical constancies through subtle assimilation of influence and the introduction of strong thematic modes with new each release. Primitive And Deadly sees the band arrive at a new stylistic waypoint whilst at the same time displaying a sense of confidence and consolidation not seen since 2008's Bees. The album also sees a marked deviation from the politics of austerity that dominated Earth's sound palette during the Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light series. The tones here are expansive and grunge-y, swampy and psyched-out, with the guitarist's liberal application [of] distortion making for a much more saturated soundscape. Sonically it's closest to the low-slung rockisms of 1996's Pentastar: In the Style Of Demons, but such comparisons are frivolous: Primitive And Deadly is very much its own beast.” - Danny Riley for The Quietus