Doug Tuttle - S/T LP

(Trouble In Mind Records, 2014)


“...this album is an impressive exercise in psychedelic world building. These songs are catchy and consistently captivating, full of studio tics and layers upon layers of well-placed instrumentals. There are guitar solos and tambourines, faraway wind instruments and sped-up tape effects. It's a bit heady and a lot of fun—and probably best heard on headphones.” - Evan Minsker for Pitchfork

“It’s an album custom-made for deep headphone listening, and Tuttle and his cohorts pack the stereo field with incident and instrument. He tends to separate instruments between each channel, the better to disorient the listener—like on “Forget The Days,” where the majority of the song rattles away in the left speaker and a ghostly echo of an acoustic guitar and a Mellotron creep quietly along in the right. The work also adds to the cumulative effect of a track like “Where You Plant Your Love…Is Where It Grows,” which spills out from the center like a Rorschach test.

Considering the care that Tuttle put into the sonics of these 11 tracks, as well as the overall warmth that oozes out of each song like a thick blanket, the album doesn’t make sense to shake your limbs out to. This is for spacing out and getting lost in. Besides, if you listen to it in the manner that I think Tuttle wants, you’ll be far too stoned to even consider peeling yourself off the couch to dance.” - Robert Ham for Paste Magazine