Farmer-producer Aracely Vitonco came by her coffee bonafides honestly. Born into a Caucan coffee producing family, her life has been a study of how to grow and process high-quality coffee. This lifelong pursuit has manifested in one of the best tasting coffees you’ll try all year - Rare + Experimental No. 8 Colombia Los Mangos.

Set high amongst the mountains of the Cauca Department, Doña Vitonco’s land is nigh-perfect for growing coffee. Not content to rely on ideal terroir alone, Aracely describes herself as “very strict” when it comes to picking only the ripest coffee berries. With saturated sweetness as a starting point, this coffee was processed to bring some very exciting flavors to the cup. The very same afternoon of picking, the coffee is depulped, then dry fermented for 18 hours, which adds to the creaminess and tropical fruit flavors. The acidity is mildly reduced during this stage. The coffee is then washed four times to ensure a very clean cup (no over-ferment here!). Finally, she slowly dries the coffee in parabolic dryers, which helps keep the coffee tasting fresher for a longer period of time. 

To best showcase this microlot’s sweetness and flavor complexity, we recommend brewing by-the-cup via a paper-filtered pour over method. For best pour over results, start with a 1:17 brew ratio, 209-210℉ water temperature, a medium-fine grind, and a 3-3.5 min brew cycle. One of the best aspects of this coffee is its flavor versatility, so we encourage experimenting with brewing parameters to bring out amazingly different flavors - from tropical fruit to caramel and chocolate!