*** Our coffee & record subscription service is no longer available! ***

For us, coffee and vinyl records compliment one another. Creating specialty coffee is a ritual in the same way that spinning vinyl is. Both require one to take a little extra time to focus on the product and method. 

As fans of coffee, we care about origin, roaster, roast profile, and extraction. Brewing a cup of fantastic coffee makes the consumer a part of the process that begins with the farmer and ends with that magical liquid in your mug. The consumer has the power and control to bring out the best in that coffee.

We believe the musical experience is heightened on vinyl, allowing the listener to feel a part of the musical process. Pulling out a vinyl record from the shelf, dropping the needle, staring at the cover, and placing it prominently by the turntable allows you to be part of the magic.

Combining these two experiences is what inspired us to open our café and introduce this subscription service. We cherish those moments during the week when we can drop the needle, prepare a pour over, relax, and sink into the experience.

Our subscription delivers that experience to you in a box sent directly to your door every month/two months. Our coffee offering rotates month to month between the finest international and U.S. roasters. Each coffee is paired with a record chosen based on the coffee or coffee roaster's country/state of origin. Our favorite international roasters (and artists) are featured in odd months, and U.S. roasters (and artists) are featured in even months. 

We listen to records and drink coffee all day, every day at our shop. This subscription service is our way of including you in our daily ritual of coffee and music. We want to welcome you to the Purple Llama, whether you're here with us in person, or just in spirit!