This coffee comes from Cafe Imports washing-station partners at Celinga, which is in the kebele, or village, of Foge, in the woreda, or district, of Guanga, in the Yirgacheffe region. We booked this coffee as a replacement for our now departed (and extremely precious) Ethiopia Hambela. The Celinga has a number of related notes similar to that of the Hambela, but it’s more like a cousin than a sibling in its cup similarities. The Celinga possesses similar citrus notes, perhaps a bit more tart lemon than mild sweet meyer lemon. It also contains clear notes of fruit, but something more deeper and darker than the Hambela’s crisp strawberry notes, something more akin to a dark raspberry. The cup also exhibits the same cooling phenomenon, when hot there is a slight medicinal, mineral or fake fruit impression. However, as the cup cools this note softens and sweetens to a more fully developed and clearly identifiable fruit note with soft sweetness. The note of chocolate in the Celinga, or what we’re calling fudge, is heavier than the Hambela, richer and more obvious in the aromatics of the cup. Overall it’s a nice continuation of the story of current crop naturally processed Ethiopian coffees that Sump has curated this year.