Cat Power - Moon Pix LP



“Where most sad albums come from a point of reflection, Moon Pix is foreboding. Nothing’s happened yet, but it’s going to. It’s all oncoming dread. Pre-emptive defeat permeates [Chan] Marshall’s voice, which goes hoarse and reedy and then seethes throaty across [Jim] White’s very human drumwork.

In a recent interview around the release of [2012’s] Sun, Marshall talked about the period between 1996’s What Would The Community Think and 1998’s Moon Pix, when she was living in a rented house in South Carolina. While there, she wrote a series of songs that eventually became Moon Pix.

‘And one night, I don’t even know what the fuck happened, but hell came to get me again. It was in a dream. I wrote these songs [that became Moon Pix] that night, waiting for the sun to rise, because my house was surrounded by 150 trillion spirits pressing against my glass, trying to get in. It was fucked up and really horrifying. The songs were just like evidence.’” - Sam Hockley-Smith for Stereogum