Built To Spill - There's Nothing Wrong With Love LP

(Up Records, 1994)


Like many of the bands in our rotation, Built To Spill call Neil Young a major influence. In this case, Built To Spill is like the 90’s slacker iteration of Young’s signature sound. Built To Spill’s founder, singer, and lead guitar player, Doug Martsch pairs freewheeling guitar excursions with loose, conversational lyricism, giving Built To Spill’s music a familiar quality that has inspired a longstanding and devoted fanbase.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Love exemplifies the band’s casual and comfortable vibe more than any of their other releases. These sound like songs that could have been born from a long drive with friends through the middle of nowhere, or around a campfire, but then run through a magic Dinosaur Jr. filter.

Built To Spill is a special band to a lot of people, one that can instantly invoke massive nostalgia trips to more carefree, younger days, wandering around your hometown, wherever that may have been. If you’ve never heard Built To Spill, this is the best place to start!