Bedhead - Transaction de Novo LP

(Trance Syndicate Records, 1998 - Numero Group, 2014)


Bedhead’s third album is a logical progression of the sound they helped to define throughout the 90’s. On Transaction the founding fathers of slowcore (though they objected to that label) got about as adventurous as they were going to get. The hushed, half-spoken vocals and clean guitars interlocking in triplicate that Bedhead fans had become accustomed to were joined by neatly placed moments of heavy distortion and a loping tempo. The album was a sign of a band moving distinctly forward, and unfortunately, it was also their last.

“Together, Albini and Bedhead made the band’s best record, going out on a high note… serious, intense, smart, beautiful, [and] occasionally frightening.” - Mark Richardson for Pitchfork