Bedhead - Transaction de Novo LP

(Trance Syndicate Records, 1998 - Numero Group, 2014)

Bedheadโ€™s third album is a logical progression of the sound they helped to define throughout the 90โ€™s. On Transaction the founding fathers of slowcore (though they objected to that label) got about as adventurous as they were going to get. The hushed, half-spoken vocals and clean guitars interlocking in triplicate that Bedhead fans had become accustomed to were joined by neatly placed moments of heavy distortion and a loping tempo. The album was a sign of a band moving distinctly forward, and unfortunately, it was also their last.

โ€œTogether, Albini and Bedhead made the bandโ€™s best record, going out on a high noteโ€ฆ serious, intense, smart, beautiful, [and] occasionally frightening.โ€ - Mark Richardson for Pitchfork