The Amps - Pacer

(4AD, 1995)



"Kim Deal was best known as the bassist in the Pixies, but she also had a band with her twin sister, Kelly, called the Breeders. When they had to take a hiatus because Kelly went to rehab, Kim took the songs intended for the next Breeders album and started the Amps. Pacer was the band's one-off album that employed all the sugary sadness of Deal's previous songwriting. In fact, if you didn't know any better you would think this was just another Breeders record. Apparently, Pacer ended up in dollar bins not long after its release (fans had no idea who the Amps were), but had tracks like 'I Am Decided,' 'Tipp City,' and 'Hoverin' been released under the original Deal moniker, they would have been cult hits. Pacer was a blissful rock album that never got the attention it deserved (which is possibly why some of the tracks ended up re-recorded on the Breeders easy 2000s come back Title TK)." - Lara James for Complex